Walk on the Weird Side (2017)



Lovecraft Arts and Sciences (paperback)

cover art Nick Gucker


Walk on the Weird Side – a 254-page anthology of weird fiction, fantasy, and horror to benefit the NecronomiCon Providence 2017 convention. Do not be fooled, this is not a pure Lovecraftian anthology (yes, HPL’s influence is here, but it is only one, small spoke on the wheel of weird fiction), within, the writers stretch out and explore many facets of the weird.

Special pre-convention, pre-sale rate: $15/copy! PLEASE note, shipping will not occur until after the convention-dust settles… and then the prices goes up to $20. Get yours at the sale rate now!

Featuring new fiction from:

Nadia Bulkin, “Empire down”
S.P. Miskowski, “140 x 76 (A Tor of Griffith Park)” 
Kristi DeMeester. “A Sound from the Earth” 
Matthew M. Bartlett, “The Two-Wheel System” 
Ann K. Schwader, “Haunted Innsmouth” (poem)
Michael Griffin, “Everyone gathers at Haystack Rock  
Craig L. Gidney, “Eidolon Realty LLC” 
Farah Rose Smith, “As Unbreakable as the World” 
Peter Rawlik, “The Final Days of Der Zirkus Lavenza” 
Ashley Dioses, “Daemonolatry” (poem)
Ashley Dioses, “A Sea of Snow and Frost” (poem)
Braum. Daniel, “Goodnight Kookaburra” 
Nathan Carson, “Divine Providence” 
Jon Padgett, “A little Delta of Filth” 
Rebecca L. Allred, “Lambda 580” 
Alistair Rennie, “The Fear Seeker” 
Starry Wisdom, “Night Gaunts, too” (poem)
Rhys Hughes, “The Bannister” 
John Claude Smith. “Eouem Chumkpaa” 
Ashley Dioses, “Hollow King” (poem)
Michael Wehunt, “The Loved One ((being among the Thousand Forms of Nyarlathotep)”
Anna Tambour, “The Godchildren” 
Christopher Slatsky. “he Anthroparian Integration Technique” 
Scott Thomas, “The Red Gryphon” 
Lynda E. Rucker “Stolen” 
Tom Lynch, “Release” 
Cody Goodfellow “He opens a window” 
Robert Levy “This is Love” (poem)
Jayprakash Satyamurthy,”The Night of Maya” 
Philip Fracasi, “ID” 
Ann K. Schwader, “Tomb-Feaster” (poem)
Maura McHugh, “Impossible to feign” 
ND art - Marsh's Symbol

Conventions are a place for us to gather and celebrate what we love. For Lovecraftians and lovers of weird fiction, NecronomiCon-Providence, held every other year on the weekend closest to HLP’s birthday, is more than a convention, it’s a home coming, a gathering of the community. It is more than a space to see and buy and immerse oneself in theme. This is a convention where community matters, creators and fan come together as extended family members, not as star and fan.

NecronomiCon-Providence is committed to diversity, to stretching out and expanding our community and the varied works created within it. Its aim is to see borders and labels swept aside, and the work regarded and praised and studied for its merits, and its merits alone.

NecronomiCon Providence features numerous panels and presentations that range from HPL and his extended circle to Aickman to Shirley Jackson to Ligotti to Dark Crime, and readings, given by many of the top names in weird fiction. There is gaming and film, music and art, and special guests galore; one might bump into Laird Barron and Michael Cisco, meet Selena Chambers or Nadia Bulkin, Robert Levy or Caitlin R. Kiernan, Paul Tremblay chatting with Ellen Datlow, or Stephen Graham Jones. NecronomiCon-Providence informative and often thought-provoking, and fun!

As many of you know, conventions do not make money; not the smaller ones, so I thought to put together a charity anthology (of unthemed weird fiction, fantasy, and horror) to benefit the NecronomiCon-Providenceconvention. That said all proceeds from the sale of this book will go to the convention. But do not be fooled, this is not a Lovecraftian anthology (yes, HPL’s influence is here, but it is only one, small spoke on the wheel of weird fiction), within the writers stretch out and explore many facets of the weird.

The talented contributors, established and newcomer alike, have attended the con, or are hoping to, and they all support NecronomiCon-Providence’s efforts to display its objectives, being the best we can be, creating the best work we can, and keeping the lamp of inclusion trimmed and burning.

It has been a privilege to work with the creators and curate this project. I hope you, dear reader, enjoy reading the tales and verse as much as I did.

Joe Pulver
Berlin, Germany
June 2017