The Numbers of the bEast (Joe Pulver Appreaciation Day 2016)

The Numbers of the bEast: Joe Pulver Appreaciation Day (April 16, 2016)

YT KiY painting

image (c) Yves Tourigny


Mike Grifin has kindly provided the following introduction and a link collection:
The New Math – All the Numbers of the bEast (so far…)
Some of you may have noticed, the internet is leaking madness. Today is Pulver day! Here, find a collection of links to all those offerings, in approximately the order I discovered them.

ND art - Marsh's Symbol

Allred, Rebecca J. – Numbers of the bEast

Baader, A.W. – The Numbers of the bEast, or How Dame Did Me Wrong

bagley, sj – The Number of the bEast

Barron, Laird – Eulogy for a Difficult Man

Bartlett, Matthew M. – xPulver

Bird, Allyson – For my dear friend Joe Pulver…..

Bulkin, Nadia – The number of the bEast is 999

Chambers, Selena – xChambers

Cisco, Michael – A poem for Joe Pulver

Grey, Orrin – The One We Keep Secret

Griffin, Michael – Numbers of the bEast

Langan, John – Gripped

Levy, Robert – The Second Second Coming

Lockhart, Ross E. – Shrubberies

Miskowski, S.P. – The Numbers of the bEast

O’Connell, Brian – Number of the bEast

Pesice, Duane – For Joe…but a small tributary, hardly a capillary, late, but seemingly necessary. At least to me.

Slatsky, Christopher – Numbers of the bEAST

Smith, John Claude – The Numbers of the bEast…An Appreciation of XPULVER!

Steele, Justin – Rejoice in the Madness of the xPulver!

Tenorio, Ritchie – The Numbers of the bEast

Tourigny, Yves – “He Whom Emperors Have Served”

Walters, Damien Angelica – Numbers of the bEast, or, The Secret Sign

Wehunt, Michael – Numbers of the bEast

cover image and featured image (c) Yves Tourigny