The Madness of Dr. Caligari (2016)



Fedogan & Bremer (2016)

22 of today’s top weird fictioneers have been challenged for these tales, inspired by the 1920 uber classic The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. In this kaleidoscopic selection of stories everything is to be questioned: is all authority merely abuse? Are we all hypnotized all the time? Asleep and dreaming? Is psychotherapy,merely sadism? Do our memories lie? Who are we, really? What is real; what is magick; what is delusion? What is love?… and how  could we ever know the difference? Joe Pulver (award-winning editor of The Grimscribe’s Puppets, Cassilda’s Song, A Season in Carcosa and others) presents us with these unsettling thoughts and images,in tales which will by turns disturb, frighten, enlighten, perhaps even disgust readers– but will surely never lull you into ceasing to look over your shoulder to see who– or what, is creeping up behind… and to wonder

Drawn to mysteries, mystics, devils and nightmares, Joe is a Martian, made of other-era junk from Tom Waits’ basement and outtakes from recordings. Discovered HPL at 15, fell hard. Discovered Robert W. Chambers soon after, fell harder! When he began to write he played in fields he loved. He still does. He’s also influenced by NOIR fiction, Marvel Comics, poetry, Weird Fiction (Michael Cisco, Jean Ray, Ligotti), and music.  Pulver doesn’t shy away from his influences, but they serve as guideposts. His work remains uniquely his own. Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. has released 4 acclaimed mixed-genre collections His fiction and poetry has received over two dozen Honorable Mentions from Ellen Datlow, and appeared in such anthologies as Autumn Cthulhu, The Children of Old Leech, The Year’s Best Horror, The Book of Cthulhu, A Mountain Walked, and Best Weird Fiction of the Year. He’s been praised by Thomas Ligotti, Laird Barron, Michael Cisco, Livia Llewellyn, Jeffery Thomas, and many others.

ToC for THE MADNESS OF DR. CALIGARI. (in order of appearance) —

Ramsey Campbell  —– THE WORDS BETWEEN

Damien Angelica Walters — Take a Walk in the Night, My Love

Rhys Hughes ———  Confessions of a Medicated Lurker

Robert Levy  —— CONVERSION

Maura McHugh —  A Rebellious House

David Nickle —–  The Long Dream

Janice Lee ———  Eyes Looking

Richard Gavin —  Breathing Black Angles

S.P. Miskowski  — Somnambule

Nathan Carson  — The Projection Booth

Jeffrey Thomas —  The Mayor of Ephemera

Nadia Bulkin  —— Et Spiritus Sancti

Orrin Grey  ——- Blackstone: A Hollywood Gothic

Reggie Oliver  —- THE BALLET OF Dr. CALIGARI



Paul Tremblay —  Further Questions for the Somnambulist

Michael Cisco —  The Righteousness of Conical Men

Molly Tanzer  —– That Nature Which Peers Out in Sleep

Daniel Mills  —– A SLEEPING LIFE

John Langan  —- To See, To Be Seen

Gemma Files —–  CALIGARISM


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