Translated work

En compaignie du Roi en jaune (August 1999)
“A Line of Questions” (in French as “Une file ge questions” — translated by C. Thill)
“Once My Beloved” (in French as “A mon bien-aime” — translated by C. Thill)
“The Faces of She” (in French as “Les visages d-Elle” — translated by C. Thill)

The Book of Eibon edited by Robert M. Price [Notssuo Press Japan] 2008 [translated into Japanese]
“The Adoration of the Black Flame”
“The Black Litany of Nug & Yeb”
“The Black Rite of Yaddith”
“The Exorcism of Iagsat”
“The Forgotten Ritual of Mnar”
“The Grey Rite of Azathoth”
“The Kynothrabian Dirge”
“The Ritual of the Outer Void”
“To Call Forth Tsathoggua To Smite Thy Enemy”
“To Summon and Instruct Zhogtk, the Emanation of Yoth”
“To Walk Free Among the Harms of Zin”


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