Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. has been published in literally every available medium, in print, on recordings, eBooks, as well as online.
In these pages you will be able to follow him online and offline – and you will be provided with links where you can order his short story collections, Anthologies he has been published in and get more than just a sneak peak at Magazines like Strange Aeons that continue to publish stories by Mr. Pulver which you will NOT find in any of the books.
Please follow the links to get more information about the publications:

Collection: Blood Will Have Its Season (2009/2014)
Collection: SIN & ashes (2010)
Collection: Portraits of Ruin (2012)
Collection: A House of Hollow Wounds (2015)
Collection: The King in Yellow Tales, vol. 1 (2015)
Novel: Nightmare’s Disciple (1999/2016)
Novel: The Orphan Palace (2011)

Anthology: A Season in Carcosa (2012)
Anthology: The Grimscribe’s Puppets (2013)
Anthology: Cassilda’s Song (2015)
Anthology: The Doom that came to Providence (2015)
Anthology: The Madness of Dr. Caligari (2016)


Anthology: Darker Companions (forthcoming)
Anthology: The Leaves of a Necronomicon (forthcoming)
Anthology: A New Atlas of Dream (forthcoming)

Anthology appearances

Translated work

Chapbooks & Magazines

Online Works & excerpts


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