New Map of Dream

New Map of Dream
PS Publishing
edited by Cody Goodfellow and Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.
Here’s Cody’s official announcement


Four years ago at Necronomicon, I pitched a publisher an anthology idea while sharing a smoke in a dark Providence alley. Said publisher told me Joe Pulver was going round that weekend, making essentially the same pitch. Joe and I joined forces and made a list of the most fearless dream-cartographers and set them on a quest to answer the almost-too-vast-to-ask question of whatever happened to the Dreamlands.
We thought it would be as easy as falling asleep.
Four years later, we have conquered every conceivable form of adversity to bring you NEW MAPS OF DREAM, an anthology of original weird fantasy from PS Publishing, due out Spring, 2020. Cover reveal and more details to come…


–Theme Song by Michael Cisco
–Rust Red In Moonlight by Kaaron Warren
–The Sweetest Little Girl In the World by Damien Angelica Walters
–If I Could Be Any Animal… by S.P. Miskowski
–If The Cat Were Around… by Bel Wilson
–At The Crossroads by Christine Morgan
–Inhata by Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
–Over 1,000,000 Copies In Print by Philip Fracassi
–Blacktongue Blues by Zak Jarvis
–Oil Of Cat by Nathan Carson
–The Malls Of Ulthar by Matthew M. Bartlett
–Pandora by Orrin Grey
–From Moon To Darkling Moon by Anna Tambour
–The Onionland Tingle by Nick Mamatas
–The Sea Witch by Rios de la Luz
–The Dankness Over Dylath-Leen by Scott R Jones
–Drunk On Dream Jeffrey Thomas
–Fearful Is The Ancient Evil… by Christopher Slatsky
–Ruby Soul, Bone Moon by Lucy A. Snyder