Lovecraft eZine issue 30 – The King in Yellow (2014)


Lovecraft eZine Ppress (paperback, eBook)


Mike Davis asked me to guest edit a King in Yellow is sue of The Lovecraft eZine and I was quick to say yes. For various reasons, there were many I did not get the chance to invite to A Season in Carcosa, so I looked at my old list and asked who might like to book a room in the Tower of Gloom. Everyone said they’d love to come to Carcosa for a season, but sadly life got in the way for some and they could not come and play. Happily the others braved greyness and rain and walked, carrying their strange imaginations, across the cloudwaves. It is with great pleasure that The Lovecraft eZine (and your humble editor) presents these tributes to the dark imagination of weird fiction master, Robert W. Chambers. I hope you enjoy these glimpses into the dim and lonely places of Carcosa. Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

Table of Contents:

ntroduction to Issue #30 by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.

Cthulhu Does Stuff #9 a comic strip by Ronnie Tucker & Maxwell Patterson

Echoes from Cthulhu’s Crypt, #7 a monthly column by Robert M. Price

The Queen’s Speech (poem) by Ann K. Schwader

O Skies Above O Earth Below I Love The Best by Jayaprakash Sathyamurthy

The First Act by Pete Rawlik

The Masks of Hastur by Rick Lai

Stairsie by Tom Lynch

No Mask to Conceal Her Voice by Michael Griffin

The Yellow Sign by Robert W. Chambers