My King in Yellow work

Many of you know what a rabid advocate of Chambers’ KIY work I’ve been these 15 years, talking about it to anyone who would listen. It was a longstanding dream of mine to assemble an anthology of all new KIY stories by some of today’s leading weird fiction writers and it was with great delight that I edited the acclaimed A SEASON IN CARCOSA (Miskatonic River Press; 2012), which featured talents like Laird Barron, John Langan, Simon Strantzas, Richard Gavin, Joel Lane, Ally Bird, and Gemma Files.

And next up, I’m editing CASSILDA’S SONG, another anthology of all new tales based upon RWC’s KIY. This time, all the stories will be written by women. CASSILDA’S SONG will appear next spring.

With so many now probing the KIY and wondering what and where and who, and hungry for more, I looked through my files and made a list of my (published) KIY works.

Bibliotheca Ecclesia Siderum Sapientia
“King in Yellow A Play in Two Acts” (forthcoming)

Blood Will Have Its Season
Carl Lee & Cassilda
A Line of Questions
An American Tango Ending in Madness
The Songs Cassilda Shall Sing, Where Flap the Tatters of the King
Chasing Shadows
An Engagement of Hearts
A Spider In the Distance
Under the Mask Another Mask
Yvrain’s Black Dancers
Hello Is a Yellow Kiss
The Faces of She

“A Cold Yellow Moon” with Ed Morris, in Lovecraft eZine” April 2013

Portraits of Ruin
A Hand At the Door
Memories Can Wait
Marks and Scars and Flags
Tark Left Santiago
My Mirage

A Season in Carcosa
Not Enough Hope

SIN & ashes
In This Desert Even the Air Burns
Long-Stemmed Ghost words
Last Year in Carcosa
Perfect Grace
Mother Stands For Comfort
Saint Nicholas Hall
The Last Few Nights in a Life of Frost
Epilogue For Two Voices
The Last Twenty Miles of Wandering Again

A House of Hollow Wounds
A (~BIG~) Fishy Menu
On a Faraway Beach
One Window, Two Hearts
A Cold Yellow Moon (w/ Ed Morris)

The Yellow Sign No.1,
“The Songs Cassilda Shall Sing, Where Flap the Tatters of the King”


3 responses to “My King in Yellow work

  1. Hello Mr. Pulver,

    I watched a Youtube interview where you discuss The King in Yellow and Carcosa Mythos at length and I had a few questions to ask if that’s okay. Didn’t Lovecraft incorporate The King in Yellow and Carcosa setting into his Cthulhu Mythos? I saw that in a card game Cthulhu setting that was done, but I’m asking specifically about Lovecrafts work. I’m also reading your novel The Orphan Palace, and my god man, the way it’s written messes with my head at times, though I believe that was intention when you wrote it correct? Have there ever been a combined story that you know of between the Carcosa/Cthulhu mythos that is entertaining to read? I’ll stop there for now cause I literally ask questions till sunrise. Sorry if I bothered you at all and do take care.



    • Hello Pat,
      I’m sorry for replying so late – WordPress didn’t show any new comments on the page.
      Your questions have been passed on to Joe Pulver – he will get back to you as soon as possible.
      page admin Lady Lovecraft

  2. Hi,

    No. HPL tipped his hat to Chambers’ creation by mentioning it ever so briefly, but that is all. HPL’s mention is not an inclusion. August Derleth hijacked the KIY and wove it into HIS Hastur Mythos (HPL told him no when asked about this) and that has been handed down and used in tales and gaming. I reject Derleth’s usage, as it codifies too much, and his “changes” take RWC work away from its roots!

    Yes, I intended TOP to “mess” w/ readers. My hope was to make them “feel” it (where possible) as much as read it.

    Carcosa/Cthulhu, well, to me, no not really, but I’m a Chambers purist (Note my KIY tales in, BLOOD WILL HAVE ITS SEASON and those I chose to include in A SEASON IN CARCOSA). Other readers might disagree and find some to their liking.



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