Joe Pulver Appreciation Day (2016)



April, 16th 2016

I said this before, but have to repeat it! !!

Stories, poems, art, well wishes, likes, comments, a Pulver Day, everything you posted, THXxxxxxxxxxxxxx, I really do love you folks! !!

You’ve floored me, WOWed me, humbled this old bEast, made me feel WONDERFUL & Blessed… yer the BEST community one could ever want to be part of! !!

Now comes the fun of rereading, more laughs, more joy!

It’s a very great honor, for me, to be a part of your community. Everyone of you is a lght in the darkness! !

And to KungFu Johnnny Langan(vulin) & SUPERstar Mike Griffin, you two are about the BESTest cats a bEast could have the great privilege of knowing! !! THXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


* * * * *

Mike Griffin has assembled a list of all the contributors (04/17/2016)

The New Math – All the Numbers of the bEast (so far…)

Some of you may have noticed, the internet is leaking madness. Today is Pulver day! Here, find a collection of links to all those offerings, in approximately the order I discovered them.

Laird Barron The Numbers of the bEast: “Eulogy for a Difficult Man”

Michael Cisco “A Poem for Joe Pulverday 2016”


Ross E. Lockhart “Shrubberies”


Allyson Bird “For my dear friend Joe Pulver”

Andrea Bonazzi “Chambers creating Pulver”

Pulver created by Chambers (Andrea)

Jeffrey Thomas “The Seed”


Damien Angelica Walters “Numbers of the bEast, or, The Secret Sign”

Daniel Mills  “The Madman”

Justin Steele “Rejoice in the Madness of the xPulver!”


Mike Davis Tales of the King in Yellow

Selena Chambers  Numbers of the bEast: xChambers


sj bagley “The number of the bEast”

Robert Levy “Nothing dies forever”

Nadia Bulkin “The number of the bEast is 999”

Michael Wehunt “Numbers of the bEast”

S.P. Miskowski  “The Numbers of the bEast”

Cody Goodfellow “The Neighbor of the bEast” (alternate link)


Christopher Slatsky “Numbers of the bEast”

Orrin Grey “Numbers of the bEast: The One We Keep Secret”

Matthew Bartlett “xPulver”

A(W) Baader “The Numbers of the bEast, or how Dame did me wrong”

Rebecca J. Allred “Numbers of the bEast”



Brian O’Connell “Number of the bEast 2016 – an Appreciation of Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.”

John Claude Smith “The Numbers of the bEast … An Appreciation of XPULVER!”

Yves Tourigny


Ritchie Tenorio


Rodney Turner “Numbers of the bEast”

Duane Pesice “bEastliness”


John Langan “Numbers of the bEast: Gripped”

Mike Griffin “Numbers of the bEast”

Morgan Scorpion “Chasing Shadows”

Whispers from the Ghooric Zone
“Lovecraftian Thing a Day No. 108. International Joe Pulver Day?”

KA Oppermann


Paul St. John Mackintosh: Teleread Interview with Joseph S. Pulver

Sean Thompson

Leeman Kessler Arkham Horror Book Club: Interview with Joe Pulver