Walk on the Weird Side (NecronomiCon 2017)

Walk on the Weird Side – a 254-page anthology of weird fiction, fantasy, and horror to benefit the NecronomiCon Providence 2017 convention. Do not be fooled, this is not a pure Lovecraftian anthology (yes, HPL’s influence is here, but it is only one, small spoke on the wheel of weird fiction), within, the writers stretch out and explore many facets of the weird.

Special pre-convention, pre-sale rate: $15/copy! PLEASE note, shipping will not occur until after the convention-dust settles… and then the prices goes up to $20. Get yours at the sale rate now!

You can, of course buy the book at the NecronomiCon Providence for $20 and hunt down all the participating authors for autographs … which is nice too.

Featuring new fiction from:
Nadia Bulkin
S. P. Miskowski
Kristi DeMeester
Matthew M. Bartlett
Ann K. Schwader
Michael Griffin
Craig L. Gidney
Farah Rose Smith
Peter Rawlik
Ashley Dioses
Daniel Braum
Nathan Carson
Jon Padgett
Rebecca J. Allred
Alistair Rennie
Starry Wizdom
Rhys Hughes
John Claude Smith
Ashley Dioses
Michael Bukowski
Michael Wehunt
Anna Tambour
Christopher Slatsky
Scott Thomas
Lynda Rucker
Tom Lynch
Cody Goodfellow
Robert Levy
Jayprakash Satyamurthy
Philip Fracassi
Ann K. Schwader
Maura McHugh

To be released at NecronomiCon Providence:

WALK ON THE WEIRD SIDE (an unthemed, charity anthology of weird fiction and verse.) All proceeds to benefit NecronomiCon-Providence.
Contributors: Nadia Bulkin, S.P. Miskowski, Kristi DeMeester, Matthew M. Bartlett, Ann K. Schwader,Mike Griffin, Craig L. Gidney, Farah R Smith, Peter Rawlik, Ashley Dioses, Nathan Carson, Jon Padgett, Rebecca J. Allred, Starry Wizdom, Rhys Hughes, John Claude Smith, Michael Wehunt, AnnaTambour, Christopher Slatsky, Scott Thomas, Tom Lynch, Cody Goodfellow, Robert Levy, Jayaprakash Satyamurthy, Philip Fracassi, Maura McHugh.Cover art by Nick Gucker

WalkOnThe WeirdSide