The Doom that came to Providence (2015)


artwork (c) Nick “The Hat” Gucker

Only available via Weird Providence (The Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council)

Round Robin for the NecronomiCon Providence (2015)

* * * * *

NecronomiCon Providence 2013 featured a remarkable number of events, and was meant to be highlighted by a special WaterFire event where the canals of Providence were lit by massive braziers and various ceremonies were invoked to the droning of discordant music and the chanting of the assembled masses. It was meant to be a celebration, crowning the convention, but something went horribly wrong… something came horribly to be.
This is a collection of accounts of that earth-shattering night, featuring the writings of those who saw it happen and survived or who follow to piece together what remained.

* * * * *

Accounts, images, and work by:
Selena Chambers
Ramsey Campbell
Todd Chicoine
Michael Cisco
Sam Cowan
Mike Davis
Sam Gafford
Lois Gresh
Michael Griffin
Nick “The Hat” Gucker
Niels Hobbs
Tom Lynch
Anya Martin
Daniel Mills
Gage Prentiss
Robert M. Price
Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.
Pete Rawlik
Jayaprakash Satyamurthy
Ann K. Schwader
Justin Steele
Jeffrey Thomas
Scott Thomas
Damien Angelica Walters