Editorial Work


Begotten (forthcoming) – An anthology of tribute stories based upon E. Elias Merhige’s brilliant masterpiece BEGOTTEN.

Born under a Bad Sign (forthcoming)

Cassilda’s Song – Cassilda’s Song is a collection of weird fiction and horror stories based on the King in Yellow Mythos created by Robert W. Chambers—entirely authored by women.

Darker Companions (forthcoming) – Darker Companios is a tribute anthology to Ramsey Campbell and will be co-edited with Scott David Aniolowski.

The Doom that came to Providence – NecronomiCon Providence 2013 featured a remarkable number of events, and was meant to be highlighted by a special WaterFire event […] this is a collection of accounts of that earth-shattering night, featuring the writings of those who saw it happen and survived or who follow to piece together what remained.

The Grimscribe’s Puppet’s – a collection of newly written tales in tribute to and based upon Thomas Ligotti, available from the publisher Miskatonic River Press.

* 2013 Shirley Jackson Award as editor for Superior Work in an Anthology. The Grimscribe’s Puppets (Miskatonic River Press)
* 2013 Bram Stoker Award, Finalist for award in Superior Achievement in the Anthology Category. The Grimscribe’s Puppets (Miskatonic River Press)

The Leaves of a Necronomicon (forthcoming) –  The Leaves of a Necronomicon will be novel-length round robin, similar to Proulx’s wonderful ACCORDION CRIMES.

The Madness of Dr. Caligari (forthcoming) – The Madness of Dr. Caligary will be anthology with tales based on “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari” and will be published by Fedogan & Bremer in 2016.

A New Atlas of Dream (co-edited with Cody Goodfellow) (forthcoming)

A Season In Carcosa – an anthology of new tales based on Robert W. Chambers’ “King In Yellow” tales, available from the publisher Miskatonic River Press.

Collections & Novels:
John B. Ford: Dark Shadows On the Moon
Ann K. Schwader: The Worms Remember

* Crypt of Cthulhu (occ. co-editor)
* Cthulhu Codex (occ. co-editor 1996-2000)
* Midnight Shambler (occ. co-editor 1997-1999)
* Tales of Lovecraftian Horror (occ. co-editor 1997-1999)
* Lovecraft eZine: King in Yellow Tribute Issue (ed.), Lovecraft eZine (April 2014)



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