Fatally-colored gestures (2014)


A WEIRD Western of Rage and Revenge by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.
Cover art by “Nasty” Nicky Gucker, “The Hat Man”!! !

Rage and rain and lit-out and graves under the desert skies of the Post-Civil War, American Southwest. Ce and Johnny seen everything bad and ugly ridin’ with the Captain. Hell, they’ve even heard demons—

“What’s that, Captain?” Ce asked.
“Name of this place.”

No lamp lit
or bellweather.
No Hail Mary.
No truce ripe with hopefulness
to ward off the heartless, flamebird sun.
A word, long
as a long conversation of iron ghosts
on The Captain’s tongue.
Dead spot at the end of a silent road.

Saddle up, pard, there’s horrors strange and black as the brutal wastes between the stars up ahead . . . Looks like it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Disclaimer: We’d tell you Fatally-Colored Gestures is rated NC-17 (for BAD WORDS, sexual debasements, substance abuse, mean as Hell, GUTS & GORE, and KILL! KILL!), but then it’s published by BossKrall and penned by Pulver, so you know it’s lowdown and nasty.