Chapbooks & Magazines


The Challenge from Beyond, 2014
Fatally-colored gestures, Dynatox Ministries, 2014
… Lies … thunder … ashes …, Strange Aeons, 2012
E’Ch Pi El No. 2, Rainfall Books, 2007
The Yellow Sign No. 2, Rainfall Books, 2007
Carcosa – Where the long Shadows fall, Rainfall Books, 2006
The Night Music of Oakdeene, Rainfall Books, 2006
The Yellow Sign No. 1, Rainfall Books, 2006


Al Azif
“Chasing Shadows” in Al-Azif No.2 (March/April 1998)
“The Night Music of Oakdeene” in Al-Azif No.3 (May/June 1998)
“The Faces of She” in Al-Azif No.4 (July/August 1998)

Chronicles of the Cthulhu Codex
“The Ebb of Reason”, in Chronicles of the Cthulhu Codex No.17 (2000)
“The Exorcism of Iagsat” (1st version prose), in Chronicles of the Cthulhu Codex No.17 (2000)
“The Forgotten Ritual of Mnar” (1st version prose), in Chronicles of the Cthulhu Codex No.17 (2000)

Crypt of Cthulhu
“In the Devil’s Garden”, in Crypt of Cthulhu No.106 (Hallowmas 2000)
“Litany for the Deliverance of our Holy Mother, Ut’ulls-Hi’ehr”, in Crypt of Cthulhu No.105 (Lammas 2000)
“Door in the House of Never Slumbering Demons”, in Crypt of Cthulhu No.104 (Eastertide 2000)
“The Mummer’s Dance”, in Crypt of Cthulhu No.104 (Eastertide 2000)
“After Reading C’cyss-Khohe’s “The Night of the Night””, in Crypt of Cthulhu No.100 (Hallowmas 1998)
“The Guard Command”, in Crypt of Cthulhu No.99 (Lammas 1998)

Cthulhu Codex
“After the Wheel is Turned”, in Cthulhu Codex No.16 (Easteride 1999)

Cthulhu Cultus
“Forgotten Ritual of Mnar” (first version, prose), in Cthulhu Cultus No.12 (1998)
“Mythos Rhyme #4 (Chaugnar Faugn)”, in Cthulhu Cultus No.12  (1998)
“Mythos Rhyme #1 (HPL)”, in Cthulhu Cultus No.11 (1998)
“Hungers”, in Cthulhu Cultus No.6 (1997)
“Watching Faye”, in Cthulhu Cultus No. 6 (1997)

“Cordelia … again …”, in Cyäegha No. 13 “The King in Yellow Act II” (Spring 2015)
“Robert William Chambers (Obituary)”, in Cyäegha No. 12 “The King in Yellow Act I” (Winter 2014)

Dreams and nightmares
“I, like the Coyote”, in dreams and nightmares No.58 (January 2001)

frisson Magazine
“Waterlilies”, in frission No.18 (Summer 2000)

Lovecraft eZine
“The Unmistakable Shape of Night’s River”, in Lovecraft eZine (Spring 2015)
“Stone Cold Fever”, in Lovecraft eZine (June 2014)
King in Yellow Tribute Issue (ed.), Lovecraft eZine (April 2014)
“(he) Dreams of Lovecraftian Horror”, Lovecraft eZine (December 2013)
“A Cold Yellow Moon” with Edward Morris, in Lovecraft eZine (April 2013)
“A (~BIG~) Fishy Menu”, in Lovecraft eZine (January 2013)
“Tark left Santiago”, in Lovecraft eZine (January 2012)
“The Wagon’s Trail”, in Lovecraft eZine (September 2011)
“All the Gold”, in Lovecraft eZine (May 2011)
“A Meeting On The Trail to Hot Iron”, in Lovecraft eZine (April 2011)

Midnight Shambler

“Lovecraft’s Sentence”, in Midnight shambler No.5 (Eastertide 1997)

“The Delirium of a Worm-Wizard”, in Nightscapes No.12 (1999)
“The Night Music of Oakdeene”, in Nightscapes No.12 (1999)
“Scarlet Obeisance”, in Nightscapes No.12 (1999)
“Chasing Shadows”, in Nightscapes No.8 (1998)
“The Black Litany of Nug & Yeb” (uncorrected), in Nightscapes No.7  (1998)
“The Black Rite of Yaddith”, in Nightscapes No.7 (1998)
“The Exorcism of Iagsat” (2nd spell version), inNightscapes No.7 (1998)

“A Hand At The Door”, in Patricide No.3 (2011)
“When the Eye of Pandora’s Mask screams”, in Patricide No.3 (2011)
“Bloom by the Beach”, in Patricide No.2 (2010)
“Bloom spends His Night At The Window”, in Patricide No.2 (2010)

Penny Dreadful

“Aubade in a Graveyard”, in Penny Dreadful No.14 (2001)
“I once possessed a fragile blue vase”, in Penny Dreadful No.14 (2001)
“In ruin’s chapel”, in Penny Dreadful No. 14 (2001)

Songs of Innocence
“Even Night”, in Songs of Innocence No.4 (2001)

Strange Aeons
“Orchard Fruit”, in Strange Aeons Magazine No.1 (Spring 2010)
“In This Desert Even The Air Burns”, in Strange Aeons Magazine No.3 (Autumn 2010)
“But Not For Me” (With Laurence Amiotte), in Strange Aeons Magazine No.4 (Winter 2010)

Tales of Lovecraftian Horror
“A Line of Questions”, in Tales of Lovecraftian Horror No.11 (Eastertide 1999)
“Orchard Fruit”, in Tales of Lovecraftian Horror No.11 (Eastertide 1999)

Terror Tales
“The Void World”, on the Terror Tales web presence
“A Line of Questions”, in Terror Tales No.1 (1997)
“The Ebb of Reason”, in Terror Tales No.1 (1997)
“Untitled Poem for Robert M. Price”, in Terror Tales No.1 (1997)

Whispers from the Shattered Forum
“Tonight All The Sleeping Sentinels Will Be Born”, in Whispers from the Shattered Forum No.04 (Summer 2000)


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