All Books are available via Joe Pulver’s Amazon presence or via the publishers

Blood Will Have Its Season
buy via The Lovecraft eZine    buy via Hippocampus Press
(Kindle and print)                       (print)
511o7gu2bwjl-_sx342_bo1204203200_ blood-will-have-its-season

Cassilda’s Song
buy via Chaosium

Carcosa – Where the long Shadows fall
buy via Amazon

The Doom that came to Providence
available via Weird Providence (The Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council)


Fatally-colored gestures
buy via Dynatox Ministries

The Grimscribe’s Puppets
buy via Amazon

A House of Hollow Wounds
buy via Hippocampus Press


The King in Yellow Tales, Volume 1
buy via Lovecraft eZine

… Lies … Thunder … Ashes …
buy via Strange Aeons


The Night Music of Oakdeene
buy via Amazon

Nightmare’s Disciple
buy via Amazon

The Orphan Palace
buy via Amazon

Portraits of Ruin
buy via Hippocampus Press


A Season in Carcosa
buy via Amazon

SIN & ashes
buy via Hippocampus Press


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