Audio / Visual / Readings


Chasing Shadows, read by Julia Morgan

The Black Littany of Nug and Yeb, read by Robert M. Price
(Rainfall Records: Strange Aeons)

The Stormclouds of their Return, read by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr.
(Rainfall Records: King in Yellow)

“A (~BIG~) Fishy Menu”, in “Lovecraft eZine” January 2012

“A Cold Yellow Moon” with Ed Morris, in “Lovecraft eZine” April 2013

Starry… Yet…, read by Leslie Herzfeld
“Starry… Yet…”, in “Lovecraft eZine” June 2012

Tark left Santiago, read by Bruce L. Priddy
“Tark left Santiago”, in “Lovecraft eZine” January 2012








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