A Long, Dark, Grim Road (2018)


LOvecraft eZine Press (paperback)

cover art by Dave Felton

A weary coach struggles across a merciless landscape, fighting the relentless bitterness of the wind. It is a land of endless grey bogs, of mud-sucked hills, of twisted and impenetrable forest. A land of sin. A land of death. This is where Odalric and Clithanus and the Graue Blutengel, the Grey Leech, hold sway.

Battered and wind-whipped and coated in dust, the men of God inside the laboring coach are every bit as grim as the country that seeks to engulf them. They endure. They must. Shadowed at all times by the Other Wolves, haunted by the Way Home, defended by purity and American Winchester rifles, their resolve is their greatest strength in the nightmare that surrounds them.

For their mission is paramount, and it must not be permitted to falter.

Joe Pulver’s latest masterpiece is as uncomfortable as it is oneiric, a hypnagogic trek through a blasted piece of world, surrounded at all times by hatred and bitterness and evil. As claustrophobic as it is relentless, A LONG, DARK, GRIM ROAD will cling to you, and you will never escape its clutches.