A House of Hollow Wounds (2015)


A House of Hollow Wounds
Edited by Jeffey Thomas
Cover Arr; Danielle Serra
Introduction byJeffrey Thomas
Published by Hippocampus Press, 2015

ND art - Marsh's Symbol

On the Embankment of Tangibility,
an Introduction by Jeffrey Thomas

Table of Contents

A Thousand Injuries
A (BIG) Fishy Menu
and the bass keeps thumpin’
(he) Dreams of Lovecraftian Horror
Saturday Night … With a Dead Girl in it
Doom … & Sigh
into the world
A Night of Moon & Blood, Then Holstenwall
sne sings, I sob
The Golem
The Ozymandias Display
under stars with no desire to flee
no one ever talks about there will come a day these days
Collisions in the Word Box or I’s Disintegration
On a Faraway Beach
Down … and down we go
The Pencil
Tender. Sins.
Movietime … with popcpprn and …
caroline No. Bleue
Brick. By … Brick.
A Hpuse of Hollow Wounds
Desert Highway Motel
One Wndow, Two Hearts

The Sommerset Tales:
Aubade in a Graveyard
I once possessed a fragile blue vase
Twilight Sonatas
Tears & the stars fall
Certain Sunday Evenings in Summer
A Traveler Came with Gifts
In a Raven’s Eye
She coomes in Blood
Words Touching
Under June
I’ll simply call her V
Sarah smile
In the spaces in between
The blood of a damsel’s breast on the green door of the forest
I onnce possessed little other than a fragile blue vase
wind, ardent. circular, back on itself as if in dismay.

Being Led by Pictures …
The Ground She Sleeps upon Is a Clue … and a Mystery
8mm … soil
a stained translation (in 2 sets)
In a Black Studio No. 76
A Cold Yellow Moon (with Edward R. Morris)ND art - Marsh's Symbol“Pulver’s skills as a post-Beat visionary are in rare form. A House of Hollow Wounds is a thrilling foray into the dark frontier of the weird.”

Laird Baroon, author of “The Imago Sequence” and “The Croning”

 * * *

“The pieces assembled in A House of Hollow Wounds demonstrate the range of Joe Pulver’s considerable talent. . . . Like Picasso, Pulver moves restlessly, relentlessly from style to style, never content with what he has accomplished, chasing after some fabulous and deadly beast half-glimpsed around the corners of a maze. Dizzying, exhilarating stuff.”

John Langan, authoor of “The Wide, Carnivorous Sky and Other Monstrous Geographies”

[Pulver] is typically compared to a Lovecraftian version of the Beats, but A House of Hollow Wounds is in my opinion closer in style and emotional tone to French Decadent writers such as Baudelaire, Huysmans, and Rodenbach. It’s both wildly modern and original, and yet evokes those unsettling gothic and classical ‘vast chthonic wilderness pressing agaisnt the slender marble columns of civilization’ themes that are like heroin to me. Dark, poetic, sexual, obsessive, and exquisitely hallucinatory.”

Livia Lllewellyn. author of “Furnace” and “Engines of Desire”

 * * *

“Pulver’s writing can be an acquired taste and certainly isn’t for everyone, but I find his combination of lyrical prose and inconsistent/varied formatting creates a sense of cohesion that might otherwise be lacking in more traditional narratives. This is a collection of experimental, sometimes asymmetric, stories for readers who aren’t afraid to venture off familiar paths.”

Rebecca J. Allred

 * * *

“I find it hard to read Pulver’s tales. Not for any negative reason, but no other writer triggers the creative juices for me than Pulver. And it’s less about tales and more about paragraphs that sing and soar, screech and howl. Pulver is a poet first, and it’s obvious. His mastery of the way words should play together, the way he lets words frolic freely, with no inhibitions, is a revelation I gleefully embrace. My appreciation of the beauty and horror in this stellar collection is unbounded. I love to dip in, read a tale (a few paragraphs, a sparkling sentence), and step back, my brain reeling, my imagination on fire. Joseph S. Pulver is a marvel!

Highly recommended.”

John-Claude Smith, author of “Autumn in the Abyss” and “The Wilderness within”

 * * *

“From somewhere in the outlands, Pulver crafts stylistically unique and emotionally powerful word bombs and heaves them across borders, into the territories of horror, weird fiction, crime/noir and poetry. Readers who value an uncompromising and truly personal approach to wordcraft will find Pulver’s work unlike any other. It’s poetic, expressive art of the highest order.”

Michael Griffin, author of “Armageddon House” and “The Lure of Decouring Light”

ND art - Marsh's Symbol