Finstere Zeremonien


Finstere Zeremonien (German)

Yellow King Productions (2018)  [translations (c) Katrin J. Krüger]
* “Die Auswahl” (Choosing)
* “Eiskaltes Fieber” (Stonecold Fever)
* “Ihre Gesichter” (Faces of She)
* “mr. wind sitzt” (mr. wind sits)
* “Schmerz” (Pain)

ND art - Marsh's Symbol

My Grim Ceremonies

America is a country of immigrants, a vast, cultural melting pot. The Irish, the Germans and the Italians came, they brought food and culture and language. People from many countries in the Far East came; they brought their talents and contributed to the expanding ethos. All of them came with their tales and histories, their myths and dreams. And that’s what I am: an American, an American writer. I’m a construct of influences and all of the things I love.

I’m full of Jack Kirby (I see the storyteller’s page as a canvas) and Robert Bloch (the author of
PSYCHO) and Poe and Robert W. Chambers and E.E. Cummings and Shirley Jackson and Leigh Brackett and Karl Edward Wagner and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

I’ve stayed up late reading, Thomas Ligotti, Samuel Beckett, (about Monsters! Monsters! Monsters!), Fritz Lieber, Moby-Dick, Steppenwolf, The City of Night, FLICKER, Borges, and David Goodis (again and again and again), and thousands of poems and hundreds of crime novels.

I’m a child of Bob Dylan and noir. I’m Lovecraft’s
Cthulhu Mythos and postmodern hybrid poetry. I’m a James Ellroy riff of dark word-jazz, and I’m the haunted, beguiling atmospheres of many ECM Records recordings. I’m a great lover of weird fiction and horror, and dark fantasy, too. And I’m a hundred other things (cowboys and superheroes and aliens and rock-‘n’-roll and wizards and mad scientists and jazz and what the moon brings), and like any good American writer I was forged in a literary furnace of manifold inspirations.

Many writers are heavily-influenced by film; I love movies, but they are not much of a direct influence on my work. My touchstone is music; I want my work to sing, to hopefully touch a chord in you, to make you feel.

As a brief introduction to some of the fields I’ve roamed (to date, I’ve published five mixed-genre collections of fiction and two weird fiction novels), here are six translations of my work. One is a Lovecraftian tale of love and loss in a world of depravity and madness. One is a story of transformation, and the third is the poetic reminiscence of a child killer. Then you’ll find a work that has its genesis in Robert W. Chamber’s
King in Yellow stories. After that, we come upon a thief whose ambition leads him to a world of pain. Finally, we have a hard noir account about the hunt for a serial killer who believes H. P. Lovecraft was a prophet.

I hope that these stories, born in this noisy cauldron that I call a brain, will please, frighten, and distress you. That is, of course, the purpose of Weird and Horror Fiction.

Are you sitting comfortably?

Joe Pulver

Berlin, Germany

March 2017