Welcome to Carcosa

Welcome to This Yellow Madness, the home of the Estate of Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., a place to celebrate “the bEast”, his work and his creations.

This Yellow Madness does not only celebrate our beloved bEast himself, but all the things he loved and adored. It is the home of Radio Free Carcosa and Carcosa Ink, as well as a gathering place for those who want to comemorate and celebrate Joe.

While it will look barren for now, there will be updates and new additions to this Home of the Weird and the Steppenwolf’s bibliography, a memorial page and several other sub-pages will appear. You can follow the progress at the Construction Site Timetable, as loong as the page is being … revamped. ReBuilt, actually.

Please remain patient, as this is not only a very involved project, but also something that bring very painful memories – it will need time to grow and evolve into the place I envision it to be, all while going along with Joe’s wishes for his online presence.

Alas, as things have chnaged on this plane of reality they have also changed in Carcoosa – and while the True King has claimed his throne and started much needed changes, I have been forced to overhaul this presence. Stay tuned, there will be many exciting news and updates.

August 2bd 2020
Katrin J. Pulver

In loving Memory and deep gratitude
Joe “the bEast” Pulver
July 5th 1955 – April 24th 2020


Contact: pulverkat@gmail.com